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A GMP and ISO 9001:2015 certified Pharmaceutical Capsule, Pharmaceutical Syrup, Pharmaceutical Tablet manufacturer, since 1993..

About Us

Allopathy is a treatment process that makes use of pharmacologically active agents for the treatment of disease. This mainstream medicine is often practiced by medical professionals who count mostly on pharma drugs. In the year 1993, J. R. S. Oryx Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd. was formed in a city located in National Capital Region called Karnal in the Indian state of Haryana. Operating as a manufacturer & supplier, we are progressing at a fast pace, manufacturing Pharmaceutical Products, Pharmaceutical Capsule, Pharmaceutical Syrup, Pharmaceutical Tablet  in the form of Tablets, Liquids, Capsules, Syrup, Dry Syrup, and Ointment. As said correctly, today there is a pill for every illness. Companies like ours are producing pills or drugs for treating or curing many illnesses. Most of the drugs we produce are prescription drugs, that must be taken after consulting a doctor or physician.

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